How to leave, remained friends

How to leave, remained friends
 Love is gradually fading, and there comes a moment when there is no point in staying together. Habit, of course, still connects, but it is only thanks to a long relationship. And if one side was determined to finish cohabitation, for the second it can be a severe blow. In any case, you should try to leave, to remain friends.  
 Gap, accompanied by scandal ends with the complete interruption of communication, erasing all contacts, including phone numbers and avoiding even casual meetings. But most people prefer to break the peace and preservation of friendly relations.

No work will not make the rupture of relations, if the feelings have long faded from both partners. This happens virtually painless, although sadness and regret will still be some time to pursue both. Is much more difficult when only one partner decides to break, to avoid quarrels, recriminations and clarify the relationship becomes impossible.

If you feel that love has passed and continue the relationship no longer makes sense, then collect all the forces and talk with your partner, admit that the love is gone. Do this in a calm atmosphere, do not try to blame something human and talk about his faults, broken promises and unfulfilled hopes. Frankly, that feeling faded and continue the relationship is simply impossible. In this case, be sure to tell us how pleased elapsed time spent together, remember the good moments, but do not rush to make an offer to remain friends.

At the moment of parting do not need to say another word and promise something. Wait for a while, let it be a week or a month, and only then offer to remain friends. During this time, subside the pain of loss, stop tormenting memories of times past.

But if the feelings of the former partner is not extinguished until the end, and a month later and he still harbors some hope, personal communication is best to exclude only communicate over the phone or through correspondence. After some time, it will pass, and then communication will be extremely friendly.

After parting do not try to flirt with his former partner, even a flirtation can be the impetus for the resumption of relations and everything will start again, but good or end? Do not show jealousy, because this person has a right to their privacy, do not try to influence, as this can ruin friendships.

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