How to impress a first date

How to impress a first date
 First date - a real test for compatibility. After all, if a spark between a woman and a man does not slip during the first meeting, the communication is unlikely to turn into a novel. To regain the partner should not only choose the right outfit, but also know how to behave.
 Smile. Talk unfamiliar people very often interrupted by pauses, which can produce a painful impression on both. If your conversation is interrupted every now and then, or you have not managed to find topics of interest to both, do not hesitate - it is absolutely normal situation. Defuse the situation smile. Friendly face will be liberated and you and the other party, as well as faster to establish contact and relax.

Tell me about yourself. But do not talk too much. I am pleased to answer questions, share funny stories from the past, tell me about your hobbies. However, do not be too frank. Firstly, to open before the man has completely during the first date, you cease to be a mystery to him, and thus deprive him of an incentive to see again. Secondly, there are topics that should be discussed only with close friends and relatives. Too intimate questions to answer better jokes.

Interest of his life. The best way to support the casual conversation and conquer man - talk less and listen more. And to the eloquence of a partner does not dry out, it is necessary to ask questions concerning his life, interests and views. However, it is not necessary to convert a date in the interrogation. There are a number of topics that you should not touch in the beginning of a relationship. For example, impolite to show a clear interest in the income of men.

Do not complain. Even if your ex was an outspoken impudent, work long tired, and owner of the apartment that you rent, the real bitch, do not turn a potential suitor in "vest" and talk about all Perepetui hard life of a modern girl. Also, do not talk to the man about health problems and characteristics of female psychology. It is unlikely that he will be able to understand and show compassion, but the image of a beautiful lady instantly destroyed.

Do compliments. It has long been no secret that the ears is loved not only the fairer sex. Severe men almost melt when he heard the words of praise or encouragement. So do not be modest - some good compliments will raise your ranking to the maximum mark. For example, say that he chose a great place for a date, has a beautiful tone of voice or a great sense of humor.

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