Fell in love with the gigolo

Fell in love with the gigolo
 All people are different, and men as well. Some people prefer to make a living physical labor, other mental, still others like to be at the expense of women, they are called Alfonso. They are usually careful, beautiful and gallant, hard to look away from this imposing man. Alphonse - is to some extent the work and vocation.

Gigolos are in constant search of wealthy women, which is the only criterion for choosing a suitable lady. Such indicators as age, intelligence, and beauty in no way played a role. They competently set their network, carefully planning each step, and God forbid, someone will be on the way to the goal. Many of them go to the substantial investment in the selected object, and strongly courted him. But mostly the costs do not go further than the payment on the account in a luxurious restaurant and buying flowers.

Falling in love with the gigolo, woman at first did not realize how serious mistake she made, because everyone knows that the love of evil. The more experienced gigolo, the harder to recognize trick. Professionals know how to work delicately, create the illusion of heavenly love, from which not just give up, even if zakradutsya any suspicions.

Gigolo strategy - to convince the victim that without it the empty space that is simply cease to exist if it disappears from her life. There are a variety of standard schemes, which adhere Lovelace in the struggle for financial dependence, but some copies manage to show the wonders of ingenuity and beg for money under the pretext fantastic. In such cases, the victim realistic to believe that this is true, than what it could have been invented.

Of course, every woman dreams of becoming a single, and in most cases actually falls in love with the gigolo, until the last moment to hope that he chose it for her. But there it was, just as on the horizon appears more profitable option, moreover, does not impose any requirements while and rights with respect to Alfonso, he was not long in coming. It is unlikely that in the future will turn up another opportunity to meet with him face to face, it is likely to disappear.

You can protect yourself, take some time to think about the situation. It is necessary to find out more information about him and his family, meet his friends. No need to hurry up and invite him to her room, do not give him the keys to the apartment and car. First, you must find out who is still standing in front of you.

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