Become for him ... What men want their wives

Become for him ... What men want their wives
 The man always has a certain ideal woman. It seems to him that his fiancee he meets, but some time after the start of cohabitation reveals that this is not so. You love your husband and really want to make your perfect image in his eyes began to be true, but how to achieve this?

There are men who want sex. He is all, of course, necessary, but some of it is needed in the first place. If you have a great sex, he did not pay any attention to scorched burgers or on the dirt in the house. That is why it is important to recognize what is really a man wants from you: a delicious borscht and unforgettable sex. Be good for her husband's mistress - is a matter of course, but you need to take into account the individual characteristics of each individual man. Oddly enough, some want sex, but not in the first place.

Woman chef. Such a wife is standing at the plate, and day and night and in the morning and evening. It departs from it only in the toilet and sleep. If men most importantly - comfort in the house, a woman must be a first-class hostess and be able to cook. That's just a man like that is hard to cajole heartbreaking sex instead of dinner. Sex - it's good, but enjoy it on an empty stomach, some men may very short time. And then they just go back to where well-fed.

Support is very important for men. And to give such support may primarily loving woman. It will help Council, will talk about his strengths and weaknesses turn so that they will play in a more favorable light. A wife - a treasure trove for any man. Even if he is the head of the international holding company and does not seem insecure. You know that your man is the best, and that's talking to him about it often. Of course, words must be sincere, and artificiality podlizyvanie cause a backlash.

Never be the same. There are men who are afraid of change and prefer to have in the house and the family all went on a pre-planned scenario. But these men are not very many, and even they will sooner or later get tired of predictability. A woman should be different, to be a mystery. After all, at the time of love feelings are stronger than all, when a man does not know exactly what to expect from his lover. So try to change. This will benefit both your relationship and your mood, because women tend to desire for change.

The most important thing - be yourself. If you adapt to the man portraying what you are not, very soon you get tired of it and become nasty. A good wife knows how to combine all the qualities, nice man, and stay at the same time be what nature created it. Do not step on your throat, be sincere and learn to love your husband the way he is. Ultimately, it defines all the love and desire to adapt.

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