A serious relationship or flirt?

A serious relationship or flirt?
 Often, women, and men, the question arises: why one should lift a finger, all fall at her feet, and the other kind, and not ugly, and is able to cook, but the men it somehow not interested. Feminine charm in vain called innate: it is easily cultivated. But it is not always necessary to apply. Decide to start: why do you need a man?

If a woman has decided that looking chosen for life, this, from which I want to have children, which is ready to warm the old bones at the resorts, you will need to hide it its irresistible charm. Because men on such rarely marry, they have sex with them.

Therefore, we define a man for life, you can not play with him in a cat-and-mouse. This, of course, leads both keeps in constant sexual tension, but it can last only up to a certain point. Once a woman decides to open myself to stop playing, her choice will leave with a shrug, saying, conquered, no longer interested. Of course, that's fine - to be enigmatic and mysterious, but sometimes a man feels shocked to learn his chosen better.

If a woman wants a man to do his, it must belong to him completely, or at least pretend. You can not show his popularity with the opposite sex too openly - jealousy will gnaw love. Try to wrap everything as though you might belong to another, but your man - the best, why you chose it.

Rule "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" has not been canceled, so feed your beloved, varied and delicious. Show him that interested in his affairs, interests, hobbies, but up to a point: does not want to talk - do not insist. Men do not like women in obsessive curiosity.

Well, if you're too young for marriage and family, do not hesitate to flirt. Flirting skills can work out a long practice. Although it is actually quite simple, all steps possible to calculate all the thoughts read. If a relationship with a male attitude calculation, they will not bring you pain, you will not worry if he does not call back.

Flirting with a man begins with nonverbal communication. With views, gestures, facial expressions can all say. Even something absolutely indecent. After all, through body language that will only sexy and does not matter. In addition, he said, you can not turn back the clock all, and use the language of the body and face, in which case you can unabashedly shrug, say, to show you.

To flirt game - the best way. Here we must be as mysterious as you deliver themselves and the man a lot of fun to make him believe in a fairy tale. And may you not an expert in bed pleasures, do not know how to tie a sprig of cherry language, a bit mysterious haze, and you - perfect. And if it is for you only flirt, can not disclose the card until the separation.

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