A man and a woman - a collection of errors

A man and a woman - a collection of errors
 Men and women often fall under the influence of society, which imposes its patterns of human behavior. The cause of these errors can be found in the prehistoric past.

Love - especially individual for each person. Someone defiantly says that there is no love, at the same time secretly dreaming of favor its object sighs, someone is content to sacrifice themselves for the sake of love, and someone just loves because he wants to. The relationship between a man and a woman - the oldest topic for discussion, which will never be closed. And both men and women often are wrong to be social stereotypes associated with each other.

Not so long ago the moral union between a man and a woman fell under the influence of the church, which, sanctifying marriage, towering status of the family in society. Christianity does not encourage sexual relations in the critical days, as well as after birth, protecting the health of the fairer sex. Norms of religious morality exercise strict control over the sex lives of women, it was thought that a decent person could enjoy only when she was lying on his back with his eyes closed. That's how the stereotype of behavior of women in bed has been extended and became a source of conflict between two loving each other people.

Another misconception is due to the fact that most of the girls want to get married, and most of the men trying to escape from marriage. The desire to marry means the willingness of women to education of children, it is inherent in its nature. Many women begin to pursue men, marriage and converted into an end in itself. This is the most common mistake ladies, because men laid in the genes that they - hunters. If the object itself comes to hunting and hunters need to be caught, a man will leave and will be absolutely right.

A common misconception is also related to the fact that the men allegedly constantly crave sex, but not always it can, and women are always able to deal with them, but sometimes do not have the desire. The cause must be sought there in prehistoric instincts. In those days men were living fairly hard, and were prepared for the fact that they are at any moment could take the life of a predator, which is why the males always wanted sex and they have always been able to do. Since only the changed way of life, but not male psychology.

Women of that time did not even think about how to deny a partner. Today, things are different. Either she is suffering, then impartially speaking about men as animals, or can not tolerate, appearing with him incompatible. In rare cases, it tries to share your desires with your partner. If he hears it, then they both will experience heavenly pleasure in bed.

All people are divided into "owls" and "larks". In that case the different partners are used to the rhythm of life, and they live in different ways. This will affect negatively on the household level, and the sexual life lovers. To avoid this, it is best to find a compromise and choose a time when both partners are the most prone to sex. If both partners do not want to come to a common denominator, such relationships often quickly coming to an end.

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