Why love dies

Why love dies
 Love can suddenly come to an end, and none of yesterday madly in love does not understand what happened. How and why love dies, and who or what is to blame? What can happen if one partner is cheating on the other?

Men and women are mutually accuse each other - silently and aloud - that love is not saved. "You killed (a) love! "- Throw them in the face each other on the basis cry or eyes blazing with hate.

The initial period of love is almost always cloudless and beautiful. But like every phenomenon of life, love is at the stage of childhood, and the partners are moving (or not moving) to a more serious relationship. Those who love disappears for another primary, acute stage, going through this loss, as another crash ideal, and go in search of a new facility, which again try on the mask of perfection, or (much more rarely, otherwise humanity would not have survived) , immersed in an eternal melancholy.

Gap mature relationship partners perceived much more painful and can spoil life long enough, or (again infrequently) until (and sometimes after) the death of one of the former partners.

It would seem that all spoke in favor of continuing the relationship, but there is no love, threw out the white flag in front of nowhere, disagreements arose.

A disagreement in love arise from the fact that both partners are not willing to listen to each other, to put up with the shortcomings of the second half, or refer to it too one-sided - in terms of selfish needs, without regard to anyone's interests. After all, the worst thing that can not tolerate love - this indifference under her mask. When love seems that he likes, but he was not fond of this particular person, but on the principle that "it's necessary", "all fall in love, and I'm worse? "Etc.

But sooner or later the second, truly a man in love, opened his eyes, and he sees a non-human, and the cold wall of indifference. And it happens more and more often. And if in a fairy tale E. Schwartz "Ordinary Miracle" reckless statement Boss - "Nonsense! Falling helpful! "- Almost cost the life of the main characters, what can happen if you do not with the body, the soul of the one who was the victim of self-deception in a relationship with a man who simply use other people's feelings to improve their material or moral position, and actually did not even see who before him?

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