What not to speak of the former

What not to speak of the former
 Love - it's beautiful, but fragile sense. Especially during mutual "recognition" and lapping to a new partner. There are phrases that can ruin relationships or even become a reason for separation. Especially if they relate to your former fans. What not to speak about his former beloved man?

Do not boast the number of his predecessors. Otherwise it will be smack in the easily accessible, and this girl is not suitable as a constant companion, even more so - his wife. It is better to modestly lower his eyes to the floor and say that in your life before him were two or three men - mistakes of youth, and you have them especially and did not like. Let him know that he - the only one to win your heart unconditionally and immediately. Men love it.

Do not talk about the fact that your ex was a "noble blood and courageous profession." Maybe you do not intend for this effect, but your current man feels flawed and decides that you put more value on the past than the present. And you such speeches hinting him that he is not good enough for you.

For this reason, never, under any circumstances, do not mention that the "tail / Peter / Sasha earn a lot." Have hurt can not be. In addition to a hint of inferiority and inadequacy, it is a real humiliation for any man. Maybe he's just now and is in search of a new high-paying job, but be sure to understand your words and wrongly regarded as a mockery.

"He loved me so much, but I had to leave." Men hate uncertainty. If you have been an ardent passion, why you threw it? Or maybe your acquaintance - a way to tease or relax on the previous one? Or maybe you just need to complain to the vest? Man wants true love and not out of spite predecessor relations.

In the beginning of the relationship also worth mentioning that with the ex-boyfriend you had almost married. Prevent scandal, betrayal, work at night - it does not matter. Man will understand the main thing: you are referring to his marriage and ready to go down the aisle right now. Even if it is not, you are unlikely to prove him wrong.

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