What kind of men should be avoided on the Internet

What kind of men should be avoided on the Internet
 Dating in the Internet have become quite popular. People do not need to smarten up and strive to look better in front of a computer most often a woman sitting in a bathrobe and curlers, rather than high heels and an evening gown. Internet opens up for us the border, we can communicate with people from other cities and even countries. However, this universal availability and the problem appeared clutter the global network. Everywhere on dating sites, social networks and blogs began to register people whose sole purpose is to spend other people's time or spoil someone mood.

So how do you recognize the man with whom it is not necessary to communicate on the Internet? The answer is simple - they quickly give themselves. Look closely at the photos in the questionnaire. If you can, check out the whole album. It should be wary if there are no pictures. This means that your partner is hiding something.

If photos in the questionnaire looks at you Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, your new friend did not want to show his true colors. May be several reasons: perhaps the man is too notorious or just married.

Immediately sift all interlocutors, appearance which does not suit you. It is better not to waste time on them. In addition, be sure to look correspond to your man by age, and that he pointed out in the "marital status". Often on dating sites are registered married men, the purpose of which have an affair for the night. If you are not an option, do not hesitate to submit such people in the black list.

There also should send those who are clearly inadequate, or in the first report tries to offer intimacy. Some women believe that these men could be re, but this is very misleading. Most crazy and perverts has long been settled on these sites do not have to become their next victim.

Often on dating sites you can meet people who are serving sentences in places not so remote. Sometimes they indicate this fact, but some prefer to ignore it. Recognize the prisoners again help you photograph. If a man has posted some poor-quality photos in the same room with a rather dim lighting, in 80% of cases he is in prison.

If you long enough communicate with a man, and he does not invite you to a real meeting, take matters into their own hands. Invite him to a meeting themselves. If, even in this case it will excuse this means that most likely did not meeting happen. You lose nothing with him.

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