The ideal woman in search of the perfect man

The ideal woman in search of the perfect man
 One old lady advised young girls to marry as many times as offered. Tip interesting but controversial. While some women do just that. And often find great women's happiness in a marriage. Village simpleton with a terrible squint, but very sweet temper, surprisingly and envy classmates, the very first jump to marry immediately after leaving school for the unfamiliar guy. And it predicted a long girlhood. To the question "so hastily? "She said seriously, that her appearance is a big luck, and do not use the only chance - a luxury. In fact, she even did not care for someone to go, if only to take.

And what about the women and young ladies with an ideal set of data? Now a look. Born as such. And the mind God gave, and beauty, and rich parents, and the institute have one five, and work career in the mountain. What's left to do here such beauties as not to look for a pair to match? Ay! The Perfect Man, where are you? And in response - silence. Yes, as the classic Woe from Wit.

As a rule, these ladies bar for the chosen is somewhere at the top of Everest. And to jump to it, I'm not talking - reach, can only piece instances. Namely, the perfect man. Very rare species. And those two meet is extremely difficult.

My God, how many have to sort out any good girl today ... we will not specify exactly what before appeared on the horizon more or less acceptable Cavalier. And around it just swarms will curl girls of different varieties.

And that's the most iridescent scenario. After searching for your ideal man and the life can be put. And grow old, our clever and beautiful alone, looking from one to the other, is not perfect, but it is a real man.

How to say all the same old lady: "Do you want to live with the general, to marry ordinary." In my opinion, wise advice.

Maybe today will try to create the perfect woman of ordinary mortals perfect likeness of men. It is not that hard.

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