Questions sexologist. "Avoid sex with her beloved"

Questions sexologist. "Avoid sex with her beloved"
 It would seem that everything is fine, you have a wonderful relationship with your beloved, he became the only man for you. But you absolutely do not want sex and you are looking for any excuse to wriggle out of an intimate relationship.

Reasons why there is a desire to evade sex can be very much. Let's consider the most common options.

Gen. seized

Domestic problems and make you so absorbed that sex is just not strong enough. If you have kids, especially little, the situation is further aggravated. In the evening you are so tired that pestering her husband begin to irritate. You want to accuse loved the fact that it does not help you, and not have sex with him. But you must understand that this situation leads to the end of the relationship. Sex is an excellent discharge after a hard day, because, as you know, the best holiday - a change of activity. Your everyday problems and difficulties on the distribution of family responsibilities in the home should be resolved without affecting the relationship in bed. Change your attitude towards sex: it's fun and relaxation, rather than marital debt.

You start to replace the love of friendship

What is your favorite became the closest person to you, you trust him, he is your hope and support, but you no longer want it. The same happens with some men who are beginning to perceive his wife as mother of their children, friend, but not a mistress. Your husband has become a comfortable and soft, but it is absolutely unattractive for you man. This situation is very difficult, as the extremely difficult sacrifice psychological comfort, and there is a huge temptation to have a lover. Try to make a new tone in the relationship with her husband. Make him jealous, open it in a new face, perhaps he can still surprise you and you'll feel the desire and interest to your favorite.

Changes in yourself

Compelling reasons to avoid sex with male friends can be a problem with the figure, or the loss of a job, or any other reason that would materially lessen your self-esteem. Do you feel self-doubt in their appearance or other qualities and it poisons your life so that you can not even feel shy or just engage in a close relationship with her husband. Not to aggravate the situation, so you have more pound yourself into a corner. If you can change yourself and want it, then start work, or just take yourself so what you are. Your favorite will support you in any situation.

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