Psychology and office romance

Psychology and office romance
 It is considered that the relations arising at work, contrary to professional ethics, distract from the workflow and workflow to bring a lot of problems not related to service issues. However, psychologists have found that the most stable marriages between people who met at work or in the walls of the school.  

This is because the people caught up in one place, often initially share common interests, some attitudes. Roman arising at work is good that develops gradually, potential partners have time to get to know each other. In fact, initially, to familiarize themselves are not romantically involved. In any group of people united by a common cause and interest, where the connection stronger. One team, friends, events play an important role in the emergence of respect, then the friendship, love and then love. Ie people have time to realize what was happening. Due to the fact that relations are in front of the team, increasing the level of responsibility. Option: "Let's try not work - run away! "Is not the norm.

However, there are cases where such relationships occur between people related by marriage. What to do in this case? The only correct answer to this question is no. The fact is that sometimes we share with the staff much more than with family and loved ones. Of course, such attitudes cause condemnation of the team. There is even a saying: "Do not sleep where you work, and does not work where you sleep." Anyway, any relationship between people - it's just their own business. So if you suffer the fate of the only thing that can be advised - this is not to expose what is happening on the show. Still, no matter how sincere feelings you did not bind, such relationships are not the norm. If life has developed in such a way that you will be together, the team eventually apprehended it as a matter of course. And if not, it will be better, so no one knew what not.

From the point of view of psychology office romance is not nothing like a love affair, which arose on the basis of respect and mutual interests. Sexual desire, which is typical for casual dating, in this case, a second and occurs as a consequence of spiritual connection. Consequently, with the right approach and compliance with the rules of propriety and etiquette, originated relations may lead to the creation of a strong and happy unit of society.

Of course, love can be found everywhere, but the option to explore the work of eliminating the many surprises, typical for casual dating, and makes it possible to know a person in a variety of everyday situations.

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