Office romance. For a change?

Office romance. For a change?
 Fast pace of the modern world, greed and endless work leaves little time on the device of their personal lives. From morning to night you are working to solve their business problems and in the evening so tired from all that you just want to come home, turn on any movie and fall asleep. People are always somewhere in a hurry, so it happens that the novel has to acquire the service directly.

When you have planned office romance, or you are already in a relationship at work, it immediately raises many questions and is understandable "but." How to behave? What happens if you find out about colleagues? And how was your further work, if you parted? Questions can be a lot of, and advice from other people about the pros and cons of office romance, too, but that's the right decision only you can, and, in any case, it is true, because any experience (positive or negative) will be for you useful.

When the office romance is already in full swing, you certainly do not need to be a professional strategist, not to hurt yourself with this love. But, first of all, answer yourself the question: "Why do you need this novel, and that you are of him in the end waiting for? "If you think that anything and it seems that the relationship will not lead, or, conversely, hoping for something big, clean and bright, in accordance with their expectations and build relationships.

Try to pre-arrange with her lover about to about your relationship, no one knew well, at least at first, until they grew into something serious (if not escalate?). Your colleagues and employees at work, in fact, it is not necessary to know, and you to anything extra gossip. Be alert and pre-configure itself to the fact to be able to share your personal relationships.

If your relationship ended in marriage, then there is nothing more to discuss. One can only rejoice and once again believe in luck. If the same relationship for some reason did not exist, it is important to not do something silly. If you do not want to lose their job or voluntarily quit, try to restore this old man working relationship. It will be difficult, because behind you could have stayed grievances, some innuendo, anger or hatred. Be wise, think further your inevitable communication, as a game. Be independent and self-sufficient, get rid of the desire to harm or impair the life of his former man. It's no good will not.

What would not have ended your relationship, be grateful to this man for the invaluable experience, because it is now, thanks to him, you become stronger and wiser. And if you behave well, you will be able to stay long in his memory.

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