Men want sex, and women love

Men want sex, and women love
 A lack of understanding between people of the opposite sex is most likely connected with the fact that they think differently. If the men and women to put one issue, they are unlikely to solve it the same way. And since almost everything, even in a relationship. Men are more important than sex, well, women - feelings.  

In recent years, carried out a lot of surveys on how often a person thinks about sex. Of course, these polls are always given different results. You can find the information that a person thinks about sex every six minutes. But there are polls that say that people think about sex a few times a week. And only one result is the same - men think about sex more often than women. At least twice, at most - at eight.

This is due to the fact that the male sex in the first place. And only then do the rest. Attitudes, feelings, work, children, rest. Of course, it is not necessary to say that so behave 100% of men. Let's talk about the most part, not the individual.

Men and imagine sex more often. Many fantasize about each counter pretty woman. And this is the norm for them. They often dream about sex, and acts as a partner not beloved wife. They are so arranged and fight this useless. It is believed that almost every man watches porn. Most likely, it's true. With very few exceptions.

Do not think that women do not need sex. They too can dream, fantasize. But for them, sex is inextricably linked with feelings. If a woman has had intimate relations with a man in her thoughts already have information about exactly how they will call their first child. Again, we should not think that these statements apply to all women. But so do most.

In the mind of a woman is a logical chain - love-sex marriage. A rare woman agreed to have sex with a man, if he is not interested as the father of her future children. And this is also due to the peculiarity of thinking. Often sex stimulates sympathy woman. And even the one who did not like her, she begins to perceive how her prince.

Women need love. Without it, their lives become fresh. Even the most emancipated woman wants to love and be loved. And the life of men is meaningless if they are not able to have sex. Different thinking leads to misunderstandings between the sexes. But perhaps, as nature intended. After all, if it was easy, perhaps, it would be boring.

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