Love? Love? Temporary fad?

Love? Love? Temporary fad?
 Relations between the two people who love each other - the theme of the mysterious, inaccessible and very interesting for many well-wishers who are constantly trying to give advice in love, or just jealous. To understand what is it that is different from the love of love, it is better for a while to suppress the urge to give advice and ... apply to the Russian classics.

Russian classical literature (especially in the 19th century), all executed with love and compassion. It is compassion, not pity, because without it the true love can not be. Of course, you can appeal to the fact that in the literature of the last century - entirely unnecessary or little people, occasionally interspersed with figures such as Bazarov of "Fathers and Sons". Fate had dealt with them harshly, they sympathize and do not sin. Well, just these types and will help to understand the topic classification love relationships.
"Unnecessary People" in Russian literature - it Onegin and Pechorin. As mentioned in the play by E. Schwartz "Cinderella", "Sorry, the kingdom is not enough, I had nowhere to roam." Onegin and Pechorin also "had nowhere to roam," and so they are, with varying success put on yourself and others a variety of experiments, primarily in the realm of the senses.
The results are known to all. Pechorin, one of which was a mask masks "passion", broke a few hearts, first assuring himself that he loves, and the passage of time, no longer able to experience these feelings, assuring women that love them. This type eradicated in our days, and in women, and the men's version. Just call themselves "heroes of our time" somewhat differently: "adventurers" or "a great interest in nature." Therefore worth a closer look to those around: is chosen (-tsa) one of those who in the pursuit of pleasure just puts on a mask madly in love.
Onegin, in painfully familiar tradition, also belongs to the "superfluous men", but it's still a bit of a character in another format. Just at the time he became the ideal for provincial ladies and anything to her, in fact, is not promised. Was not like everyone else, or tried to appear as such. Matured lady returned from distant wanderings, navedshih it just boredom, and Onegin. And fell in love ... Finally, Tatiana. But not for the fact that it has now become unattainable for him, but for what it is - the ideal of femininity and beauty.
Well, the love of the ideal, too, has a right to exist. To this day, both boys and girls, and adult men and women live in constant search of the ideal, completely oblivious to the fact that the one who is near, a living person, not an image, full of positive, in terms of visionary, qualities. So it is rather love than love, because apart from the quality of a particular person to truly love is impossible.
Almost all of Dostoevsky's heroes can be attributed to the "little people" invisible against the background of history. But, as Mitya Karamazov, in the soul of every man - and "the ideal of the Madonna" and "ideal of Sodom." In other words, love, compassion, or love, passion, spiritual and carnal. The only question is how the inner world of man is subject to each of these feelings, and some of them, in the end, prevail. But true love is precisely combines both of these feelings, as fully consonant with human nature, and therefore can last a lifetime.
Speaking of nature. Turgenev's Bazarov, naturalist and snapper in one person, too, did not escape the feeling, which at first spoke with disdain: nature, the former for him "not a temple but a workshop," took off his mask. As it turned out, and carelessness and rudeness - all an imaginary, peculiar way of protection from the outside world. Needless to say, these types (in all senses of the word) - are not uncommon nowadays. But who knows, maybe in the guise of a hard-boiled cynic is just hiding a deep and sensitive face?

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