Love - is not only a sense of

Love - is not only a sense of
 In search of love waiting to see how the miracle that the world will become more beautiful, life - meaningful. Love is perceived as the best human condition inspires. But emotions - joy, happiness, too, can inspire a person. How, then, to distinguish it from other vivid sense of emotional states? State of love is also the most mysterious - it is not clear how it occurs, and how to correctly determine. Chemistry or physiology, whether it? Or something else? How serious reason to believe love is just a feeling?

It is often said that love has no sensory organs, as have, for example, vision or hearing. Or maybe the person is the body which receives or emits love? Only one caveat - all the senses receive information from the outside, and no one gives it out. Therefore, the criteria of love can identify each for himself, replying to your question, what it is accompanied by symptoms.

But, experiencing love, a person experiences and a few discoveries. They say that women love with their ears. So, to hear confessions of love for many of them is sufficient proof of love. But there are those that will eventually realize that the words of life and love is not enough. Thus opens that still need to love and action.

And in general, is widely believed that "love" as a part of speech is a verb. Consequently, the mean activity and direction of manifestation. Every loving man say what he is ready for a loved one - to protect, to surprise, to conquer, to indulge, rejoice. Love - it's also the ability to give, to share everything: joy, emotions, feelings, shelter and even the last piece.

But ready to go yet little importance, but the action itself - it is an act. So, love - that certain actions with respect to loved ones, emphasizing the feeling. Therefore, on the basis thereof can be judged on love, it is a kind of measure, although purely individual.

Love can be more composite components, such as trust, responsibility. You can trust without love, but love without trust can not be. Waiting trick, the knife in the back, does not contribute to the manifestation of any positive emotions and opening partner.

Responsibility for decisions for a partner for relationship - too faithful companions love. Without them, it loses its identity and becomes a simple hobby without obligation.

Love is always accompanied by a willingness to give in, to hide their selfishness and put in the center of the universe loved one. The ability to compromise is very important in a relationship, but in moderation. The main thing - do not go too far in the submission of the "I" to preserve the equality of relationships and self-esteem.

Love - it is also a special attitude, with an optimistic look forward in life with confidence and sense of security. This complete acceptance of your partner, with all its advantages and disadvantages. To do this already requires a certain percentage of rationality in love. Without taking the whole of her partner is not out of the question, it is converted into a temporary fad.

Thus, the feeling of love, having at a base in the form of other feelings, emotions, actions, is the most complete, sublime and spiritual. And, oddly enough, to some extent conscious and rational. Or so it should ideally be? And what is love in life - depends on you.

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