How to survive the crisis in relations

How to survive the crisis in relations
 Psychologists have no doubt that relations crisis - absolutely normal. On one hand, it helps to know a loved one in a new way, on the other - a qualitative change attitudes. Also, worthy of surviving a difficult phase, the partners are getting nearer and dearer to each other.  
 The right to personal space

Everywhere together? Option that is appropriate for the heroes tearful melodrama. If you value the relationship with your loved one, you should appreciate and individuality of each. The husband goes every Sunday to go fishing? Well, free day for visits to her friends, visiting the salon, shopping or just walking in the fresh air. It is impossible to assess the desire of men to spend some time apart from you as a sign of coldness. After all, for the stronger sex is extremely important to communicate with your friends, as well as at least an illusion of freedom. Feeling that you are not seeking to drive him "under the heel" and acknowledge his personal interests, the partner will appreciate you even more.

Listen more

Active listening - one of the most effective psychological tricks to improve relations. If you notice that a loved one has ceased to share the secret, and your everyday conversation every now and then interrupted by pauses, you should use this method. Surprisingly, but the gist of it is simple - listen intently and do not interrupt. Even if you have absolutely no interest monologue partner (or you just simply do not understand what I mean) it is not necessary to translate the theme or to demonstrate complete indifference. In contrast, set aside and focus on the case hearing. Commend gestures, nods his head, smiles, try to ask clarifying questions.

Support instead of criticism

Another important point that allows you to restore the relationship and bring harmony in the family - your reaction to mistakes and failures partner. There is a category of women who consider it their duty to play the role of "anchor", attracting chosen to earth. So his every mistake becomes the topic of many discussions and exhortations for multiple reasons, "I told you." This tactic hurts the sensitive vanity of man and deprives him of self-belief. The consequence may even be a gap, because for the stronger sex is very important to see the admiration in the eyes of the beloved, not rebuke. Instead of criticizing her husband, try, on the contrary, to maintain it.

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