How to plan a first date

How to plan a first date
 Date, especially the first - this is a very exciting event for girls. A lot to think about, much to cook, much to remember. Listen to all the advice girlfriends, mothers and read about the first date in women's magazines. Try to isolate this something useful for you, so you behave naturally, without thinking constantly of these tips, and enjoying pleasant moments goodbye. If you do not themselves, and become portray a glamorous doll, your meeting may be the last.
 To make your acquaintance with the young man grew into a long novel, and perhaps in the long family life, it is necessary to properly behave on a first date. If you know that he is in you particularly like, emphasize that the feature. For example, men often pay attention to beautiful hair, beautiful breasts, expressive eyes, long legs, appetizing forms. Therefore, when planning a date, keep in mind all your dignity, to be allocated.

Review your wardrobe, try on outfits that you portrayed favorably. The meeting place will play a crucial role in the selection of clothing. Restaurant or cafe - a dinner at a table where you can see the upper part of your body, so pay attention to the décolleté and hands. Explore the city put on pants or jeans and comfortable shoes. Evening at a nightclub or disco suggests spectacular sparkling clothes, open your legs.

Better, of course, if you choose to place together for the first date. You need to learn a lot about each other, so the noise and plenty of people you will be in the way. Cinema is also not suitable - there can not talk. Quiet cozy cabin for two in a cafe or restaurant would be a great way out. On the first date do not be afraid to look into the eyes of a man, do not look away - the information contained in the views of no less than in words.

Keep the conversation gently, without asking too personal and intimate issues. If a young person is silent and does not know what to say, tell some funny stories from his life. Advance remember a few stories like that between you do not hang long painful silence. A man can be and talkative companion, in this case Know how to listen to him without interrupting. Occasionally ask questions on the subject, showing that you are interested in and what you are listening to it carefully.

Do not talk about their relatives, if he does not ask about them. Do not take to paint the disease that you have suffered as a child. A list of previous novels voice is also very desirable. Your present with him - it is the most suitable topic for conversation. The man loves to boast about their achievements, do not take a lenient view of this case, it is important to show that he was not the worst of the stronger sex. Assents to it, praise, but sincere.

Two other important details for a first date - touch and smell. Accidentally touch the hand of a young man on his shoulder - for men a lot of information inherent in all that related to his bodily sensations. Using your fingertips, you pave the way to his heart, but not through the stomach, of course. Your scent should also attract - absolutely contraindicated pour perfume! Some fresh perfume on your wrist, or none at all. If during the dance, he can not break away from your delicate neck, abalone, and your sense of your silken hair, so a man - all yours!

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