How to manage a man

How to manage a man
 Master the art of perfectly manipulate the dream of many. What woman does not want to change his beloved, to remake it for yourself? But how to do it, that the man did not think about your influence on him?

Historically division of humanity into a strong and weaker sex. So learn to use their weakness to their advantage. Often ask a man about the service, even if you are able to do it all yourself. To provide you with all possible assistance, he will feel a sense of pride in themselves. Do not forget to thank for their kindness, stressing the significance of his act for you.

Every person likes to hear the praise in his address. Representatives of the stronger sex is no exception. Emphasizes his outstanding abilities, appearance or romantic nature. Follow the main rule - admire him in front of strangers, but is accountable for mistakes - alone. But in all worth comply with the measure, so that the beloved is not a desire to find another companion, suitable to him in appearance and talents, or one that will respect his dignity, and will not complain about small things.

Any man always pays attention to a beautiful, well-groomed girl. So watch out for their appearance. Properly chosen clothes, makeup, perfumes will help create an image of an attractive and desirable woman. And it is not necessary to dress plainly, enough hint, for example, slightly longer cut on the skirt, extra unbutton her blouse, etc.

Like many centuries ago, the requirement of evidence of love to the person, too, can be attributed to man the controls. You are not prohibited from being capricious girl injured innocence or throw a tantrum with the smashing of crockery, and let him prove that he loves you, or let him live with the knowledge of the fact of his insensitivity.

Perhaps the most popular among all kinds of manipulations is sex. Sexual Dependency good management tool, but dangerous. If you often punish a man in denial of intimacy, then sooner or later he will find it elsewhere.

There are many different ways to manipulate men, but remember one thing: the manipulation of the manipulation of strife. Some control methods do not contain malicious intent, and therefore will not harm a loved one. This, for example, the method of praise or use of its appeal. But there are methods that can cause harm - it's a lie, blackmail and others. Their use can easily destroy your relationship.

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