How to love without attachment

How to love without attachment
 Love and still maintain their independence - a new trend in big cities. But what's inside the mechanism of love without attachment? At first glance, everything is simple. In fact - it is necessary to combine the selfishness and complete, selfless dedication. The most sensible answer can be found in Buddhism.  
 Unconditional love - the basis of Buddhist philosophy and one of the three main unmotivated feelings par with causeless joy and fearlessness. Popular sage Osho talks about love: love the English word comes from sankritskogo "lobha", which means "greed." But love can not be greedy. Love - a gift and gratitude for adoption.

Sounds great, but because of the advertising, Hollywood movies and enjoy the company of the English meaning of the word influence still prevails. "Well, you also hurt when you love, and you do not? "And to be together until the end of days - a golden dream. How can transform their way of thinking?

The first thing to begin with - is the work on his own selfishness. Love yourself and watch every day. This setting allows you to cope with feelings of guilt. Someone cares about looks, someone on the nature or status of the material. These fears often create attachment to the object of love. "He loved me, and suddenly I did not meet a better" or "I'm not good enough for him, so he does not call." You are beautiful, just accept yourself with all the advantages and disadvantages.

What do you mean - watch yourself? Often, when we want to do something for a loved one, we use the wrong motivation. "He told me a long time nothing away, so I gave him something to sell, and then he will do something in response." Observation of a means tracking motives of their actions. Their is only two: fear and love.

Fear is the basis of affection. People are afraid that they will remain in their old age alone. Women are afraid to be without men. Men are afraid that women will change them. Unconditional love does not plan, does not expect or dream. You came into this world alone and leave alone. Another person may be a while on your way. This fact should be seen as a surprise. After all, you could not meet him.

Love without attachment is built on the response. You - the person to actively explore the world, meet another man, tuned to the same values. As you already have a love for yourself, so you take your interest in the other person and not ashamed of it. You are grateful for the fact that man is born in you a sense.

If your interest gives rise to a different response, you met a man who complements you. This is the highest achievement. Such an alliance called "When 1 + 1 & gt; 2."

If retaliatory response does not occur, but take your love, then you have to thank for that. And such a relationship may exist for some time. It is possible that the response will occur later.

If your love is not accepted, the sages advised to immediately throw that person. And do not waste your time on it. However, if you follow the steps - to love yourself and be aware of their motives, it is not difficult. Sages they are out and sages to use the mind.

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