How to forgive the betrayal of a loved one

How to forgive the betrayal of a loved one
 Betrayal - a betrayal of the treacherous feelings loving partner. Having learned about the change of a loved one, most suffer severe stress and painful mental anguish.
 Is it possible to forgive betrayal? This question everyone responds differently. Think about it: are you able to forgive infidelity, or to learn about the connection of a loved one with someone else, you will never be able to treat it in the same way as before? If treason for you too serious "crime" in relations between the sexes, there is no reason to continue them. Attempts to glue the broken love alone will not work if the offense - the only feeling that causes before a loved one.

 To forgive infidelity, you need to understand what guided the person I love, when it decided that it pushed to adultery. Sometimes betrayal - it's the only way to convey to the second half of an alarm that relationship in the pair were deadlocked, the desire to regain the passion and romance or simply to attract attention extinct partner. Such a crisis in relations becomes an occasion to try to ensure their own attractiveness to the opposite sex through sex "on the side".

 In change, most often to blame both partners. How can you blame her husband only if the wife, after a few years of living together, stopped to look after themselves and refuses to have sex under the pretext of fatigue? In such a situation can not be called a betrayal of a spouse as a surprise. Try to find an answer to the question than you might push the other half of your feelings of betrayal?

 Revenge - not the best assistant suffered from infidelity side. Do not think that a retaliatory move as casual sex will help you recover faster from the fact of adultery. Most likely, this will further alienate you from each other and ultimately destroy the relationship. Maybe vengeance and blunt emotional pain, but trust in the relationship, certainly not return. Only sincere forgiveness partner will love your "second chance".

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