How to build a good relationship

How to build a good relationship
 To build a good relationship, you need harmony. First of all, with itself. Try to tune in the desired fashion, armed with a hefty supply of patience and good humor - and learn how to interact with another person.
 To get started, look, are you satisfied with your life. No man wants to start a relationship with the woman who inwardly very unhappy. Watch your desires. Because in addition to a good relationship, you probably want something else? Make long-planned or newly arisen in your heart. Perhaps it will be going to the theater, the change of hair color or a fun party with friends. Or maybe you want to wander around the shops, go to the country or to have a puppy. In other words, anything does not deny, while trying not to harm others. And remember, happy woman gives gleam in his eyes.

Learn listening skills. It does not matter in the beginning of a relationship or at a later stage - is the ability to always come in handy. During a call, cease to speak and be silent, giving the other party to outline their point of view. Even when he tells all about what to say, for some time continue to remain silent. Sometimes this step allows you to talk even the most closed of men, for they will thank you later. Everything else, you pass for a good listener.

Do not pour out the accumulated tension on the partner. If you want to curse, cry, or you have a bad mood for no reason, try to find out the cause of this. So it will be easier to survive hard times. Negative emotions leave in the gym or on the boxing training. Or you can just yell in a deserted space or beat a pillow. Your partner is not to blame for what happens to you.

Be sincere. Always try to tell the elect of their true desires, tastes and preferences. At the right time, of course. Do not be fooled by the man who next. At the same time, do not be afraid to tell the truth, in order to appear to him in a different light. The truth anyway, sooner or later, will come up to the outside, and it will be unpleasant for both of you. Sincerity is able to reveal any heart.

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