Frank confessions, which are best avoided

Frank confessions, which are best avoided
 After heated caresses you lie together, tired, relaxed and happy. You understand that this man loves you and him with you very well. You also really like to be with him and such complete harmony leads to the fact that you no longer control himself in a conversation and you can make a few confessions, after which this your romantic encounter may well be the last. There are recognition, which should be avoided, even if you are completely confident in your partner.

Do not show off your wealth of experience and numerous men who have achieved. Do not list their undoubted merits, abilities and achievements - no one wants to experience an inferiority complex before a large number of unknown opponents. Men tend to be sensitive about sexual history and your partner can begin to be jealous of those who came before them.

For this reason, never compare it with any of your old men, even if the comparison is in his favor. Firstly, he immediately understands that you still remember his "former", and, secondly, it is another reminder about your wealth of experience, which is also completely useless.

Do not attempt to directly criticize his skills the treatment of women in bed. If you have something did not suit, and you want to teach your man something new, or to talk about some of the secrets of the female orgasm, then do it very discreetly, better yourself during lovemaking.

Even if you have still not been with this partner an orgasm, but you have it successfully imitated, did not recognize him in this. After then, when you all will be adjusted, and you will find understanding in bed, trust you will not be, and he always begins to doubt himself and you.

If you feel the full trust your partner and do not doubt its a great feeling to you, you still try not to force the issue and did not recognize him, that you have planned out your life together, or at least the upcoming holiday. This can be perceived as an attack on freedom. Such decisions should be made jointly and at ease.

And, if possible, it is better not to talk about his infidelities, if you want a strong and long relationship with this man. Few who can forget this fact and keep the trust if it is possible to hide the fact that random infidelity, it is best to take advantage of it.

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