Computer Engineering: how to recognize the bad guy

Computer Engineering: how to recognize the bad guy
 The choice of the man with whom would like to spend my whole life - it is responsible, so it must be approached with great caution. The first appointment will help you understand whether your beau to the category of "bad guys" or not.
 There is a certain type of men who are called bad guys and that mothers in childhood prohibit meet their daughters. On their foreheads does not say that they represent, so you should always be on the alert.

If the man who appointed you to rendezvous refuses a glass of wine, but is closely watching how you drink alcohol - this is the first symptom of his familiarity with alcohol. You should look into it more closely, and you'll notice around the wings of his nose small mesh consisting of blood vessels - another sign of a passionate lover of drink.

In conversation you suddenly can see that he knows too much about women: how to apply the mask before going to bed as often shave their legs, etc. It is possible that before you a man who wants you to rebuild for themselves and wants you to conform to the image that you have painted yourself.

The man, who during your conversation a few times when my mother called and who always puts the conversation on the topic of parents is potentially dangerous. In fact, this sissy who is accustomed all his life to be under the yoke of her that and have no idea of ​​the existence of the other. Beloved woman will always be for him in second place, and any competition is likely to lead to victory mother and rebellious sister exile from home.

You dine in an elegant restaurant, and it is often distracting calls business partners? Before you - a chronic workaholic, which is already married to his work. You will always be only the second place.

The evening comes to an end, and your companion strongly suggests that it would be nice if you paid for dinner? Most likely, you are faced with a gigolo, who will always pull you out of money, which is not good.

Be vigilant on the first date, pay attention to every detail, and, of course, listen to your intuition, which always come to your aid.

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