As interest Man on a date

As interest Man on a date
 First date - this is an important step in building a relationship. On how it will take place, depends on the development of further developments. Perhaps you will be friends, and maybe be able to count on something more than a flirtation.
 To the guy wanted to continue communication with you, you should firstly look good. Men like eyes. Going on a date, pick up mature, calm, but at the same time romantic outfit. Make an ordinary day make-up without any extra sequins and bright red lipstick.

Behave naturally. Do not go too far with emotions, but do not be a snow queen. Everything is good in moderation: if a man has a good sense of humor, laugh at his jokes; if a good storyteller, you will appreciate his ability to narrate interesting and exciting. Nice to hear compliments in his address to all. Do not attempt to artificially inflate interest in itself, the build of a mysterious and enigmatic lady. If you are invited to a meeting, so the interest in your person there.

Be friendly. Smile, smile because always has to communicate. But do not use your full positive. Young people can not evaluate your specific sparkling humor.

Hit him with his eccentricity. If you jump with a parachute, Occupation burning wood, doing salsa, was fond of drawing, do not forget to mention it. Dip his head into the world of hobbies. People like unusual and all-round development of the individual.

Learn to listen. Be interested in his stories, because your bored wandering eyes can only push him away. Ask questions, thus showing that you want to know more about it. Just do not ask about past girls, and do not talk about the former cavalry. Who likes to compare with some other men? All that was then passed. Even if the guy you like crazy, do not tell on the first date on joint prospects. Perhaps you're a girl visionary, but this guy can be intimidating.

The situation may be different, but sex on the first date is still not the right end of the evening. Perhaps it was your spiritual impulse, but sometimes it's better to hold back the horses. The guy can change your opinion about the worse. In his mind might think that this is your standard behavior.

Remained inaccessible. Let him take you to the entrance and give a light kiss.

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