As a declaration of love to the man

As a declaration of love to the man
 Women usually find the words there is no difficulty. But not in a situation where she wants to admit a man in love. At this point, many ladies as if deprived of speech. While talking to the man directly, "I love you! "It is not necessary. Options admit beautifully huge amount. The main thing is to choose one that is right for you.
 Psychologists are sure that one of the most memorable declarations of love is to recognize without words. Especially women - unrecognized masters hints.

For example, during a visit you can discreetly put it in a glass of ice in the form of heart. However, this is feasible only if you meet on your part. You can also insinuate periodically enclosing it in his pocket, candy in the form of a heart.

Play with a man in his favorite games, arrange evening viewing deeply unloved you football. Man will realize that you love him, because other conditions to withstand such torment few would agree.

It is believed that the recognition of advertising - a lot of men. But no! Women are not far behind and are increasingly bought advertising banner of love. The main thing - to use any images or expressions that are unique to you, so that your beau could have guessed that this message is addressed to him.

Can recognize a man in love with the help of massage. Have a favorite game: you are massaging his back and one drawing the letters on his back. And he has your message to "read". At this time you do it and admit that you love. Before this revelation man can hardly resist.

Stylize your recognition antique. To get this special paper, pen and ink. Try to write a letter to the man in the spirit of the young ladies of the 18th century. Lower the letter in the mailbox. This original recognition he clearly appreciated.

Admit him in love through the program greetings on the radio. However, this requires you to be confident in the fact that now he listens to this wave. To call the ether, or order it, or your favorite song together and made a speech in his honor.

Another variant of the original declaration of love - write a poem about your man. It can skillfully weave and the most important words.

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