9 signs of infidelity

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 Unfortunately, from the betrayal no one is immune. More than half of men at least once in their lives have changed wives, a third has a constant lover, but one of the twenty infidels are ready to leave the nest. If the time to notice that the family boat gave a leak, then, depending on the expectations, you can save the marriage or not to spend too much time and nerves, to disperse peacefully. Understand what a man thinks, simply, most importantly, carefully treat him. Here are a few signs of infidelity second half.  

1. Sudden changes in behavior of the spouse for the better. If you notice that it is too polite and courteous, faithfully look into the eyes and increasingly starts talking about loyalty, it seems that the spouse has violated one of the commandments, which reads, "Do not commit adultery," but leave the family is not going to. Do you want to keep the family together, do not bother with questions, he can pass the nerves, and when you get strained recognition, will not be easier for you or him. At this point, the best tactic behavior - composure and impartiality, become an observer.

2. The downside of increased attention - shaped indifference. Husband walks sad, often thinks about something, lost or stout. Things are bad, most likely, he is in love. In this case he will lead a conversation about quitting, the most sensible thing would be to let go. Tears, reproaches and threats will accomplish nothing, except that the irritation in his address.

3. Phone. Men, in contrast to us, very unsophisticated and poorly able to keep their secrets to themselves. By how carefully and attentively husband began to treat phones, one can easily understand that in your history there was a third character. He often hangs up the phone on the weekend, citing the fact they do not want calls from work, carries with him into the bath or a long conversation with a certain Peter Ivanovich. Treason pulls a change in habits and daily routine.

4. Work. Increasingly, it has become trapped in and out at the service on weekends, referring to Abraham. The situation is not unique, there should not act hastily. Maybe people really work for the good of the family. But if the situation is repeated with enviable regularity, and the phone he often does not hear or do is "out of coverage", most likely, there is another woman involved.

5. Money. Love affairs except for the time and attention required investments. If the spouse has become a very cost-effective, possibly due to the financial crisis, it cut salaries. But, most of all, just was not enough for restaurants, cinema and hotels. Sudden financial insolvency husband, in most cases, can say that he has a mistress.

6. Sex. He does not react to your super-sexy outfits, slowly and reluctantly praises new stunning negligee, and then only when the request it increasingly refers to the malaise and fatigue at work. If this is not prolonged depression, treatment, health status, it is likely that he has no power, because he spent it somewhere else.

7. Appearance. Blessed not with no apparent reason began to pay more attention to their appearance? Enrolled in a fitness club, running in the morning, began an impossible struggle with excess weight, in addition, has bought a new odezhku and became closer shave in the morning. Hold on tight, like he wants to or already like some unknown person of the opposite sex. A person's appearance always, without exception, talks about what is going on inside him.

8. Lipstick on the sleeve, with the naive 9x12 photo signed "in memory". If you stumble upon such evidence, then it is safe to say that thus your opponent wants to indicate its presence. These moments of a woman uses when her confidence in their own superiority begins to approach zero. Therefore, do not react, do not help the enemy with his own hands to realize the evil plan.

9. Sam said. Not directly, of course. But man, anyway, always says what he thinks. If the husband began to make comments on the appearance, the more often you hear that would not hurt to lose weight or wear a dress to disguise a blonde or brunette - this is not a concern. When a man loves and cares, he says very little, what you wear, and a few extra pounds are unlikely to play a decisive role.

There is a statement: "We are not only forgive those who do not love." Such statements only half true. Treachery can not be forgiven. This does not mean that we should immediately rush to the registrar and file for divorce. Such a sad event - an occasion to reflect. A person can make a mistake, but only one. If you decide to forgive, then before that faithful should really try to make you want to do it. Otherwise, this behavior very quickly becomes a habit and become the norm.

Forgive or not - your own business. But, if not treason provoked a random impulse, and is thoughtful decision, and you see that people want to go - do not torment him and do not torture yourself, better release. This is not just. However, parting with a man who does not suit you, you gain a chance to find true love. When such an event occurs, the most important thing - to set priorities.

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