7 types of men with whom you can have an affair

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 In order to gain valuable experience and finally to determine what kind of boys suits you, you first need to understand the types of men. However, there are seven of the most common types of men with whom possible to have an affair. A large number of girls are often ashamed of their feelings, especially when young people below the growth or younger in age, but that's not it ...  

1. Bach - this type of men for many girls is out of reach. Upon meeting him, you have to start being produced with great speed adrenaline, as well as any ideas how to tame this "wild beast." Funds can be quite a lot from the decision not to engage in love with him the first five meetings, before drawing up a strategic plan to win the trust of his relatives (mother) and scouting her his secret weakness.

2. Macho - an image of the ideal man. It captures everything: his movements, his eyes, his passion. At the same time he is ready to make love much, anywhere. Csoritsya with the stronger sex unusually nice, because after the scandal comes rapid truce. Relationship with him like an erupting volcano. However, volcanoes often fade and can absorb everything that gets in their way. As a rule, macho wants to enrich his passion more than one heart. Break with them can be very painful, and after the novel will only emptiness.

3. Males - the type that includes nearly every girl in the compulsory program. As nice as it not only takes you by the hand for a walk, but also imposes on all expenses. He can be fully relied upon. Such men are experienced, generous, reliable. If you think that it really suits you, you should not pay attention to not approving glances of passersby. In the most experienced partner you can always learn something.

4. The youth - he is very cute. You might even be tempted to pat him on the head or give authoritative advice. This type of charging men with their energy and youthful optimism. He is blameless and pure, which makes it even more attractive: there is something you can work on. However, this angel is possible to hide a lot more terrestrial than you imagine. Look, does not pursue whether your chosen vested interests.

5. Loser - a man who does not carry through life. Sometimes compassion can be confused with love. This type of boys puts pressure on pity, but sometimes it can "crush". Relationship with him, as a rule, start with the bed.

6. boyfriend - with a knight you quench their romantic needs in the months ahead. This type of men are very friendly and helpful, always gives gifts. Only sweet relationship you jaded fast enough - as, for example, some high-calorie bun.

7. The party-goers - it will open for you the most fashionable places in the city, will introduce the latest innovations in the music industry. Such men as a ritual attend various events and parties. With it you will find continuous fun and entertainment. Life becomes a holiday. Slowly come to life you will begin when the stop to realize that most interfere with the clarity to look at life: bags under the eyes, or the inability to focus the mind on the subject. These relationships you interrupt with regret, but happy to pull out a dusty shelf with your favorite CD, which, of course, is on the list of banned in all clubs.

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