10 laws of love

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 What should be the ideal relationship between a man and a woman, that they can be safely be called love? The unequivocal answer is no and can not be, because how many people - so many opinions. Nevertheless, there are 10 rules under which it is safe to assert that in this pair just love reigns!
 1. Do not consider his views (respectively, tastes, habits, character traits, etc.) only correct and reasonable.

2. Do not skimp on the good words, remembering that they are "and nice cat"!

3. Always remember that men and women because of the fundamental differences in the hormonal background in physiology and psychology have different views on the same thing! Therefore pointless to expect that a man interested in anything or react to something, as a woman, and a woman, respectively, as a man.

4. Do not be shy to adopt something useful for others. But it is also necessary to remember that blindly, automatically "carry" rules and habits of other couples in your personal life is hardly correct and appropriate.

5. A woman can not forget the old wisdom: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach! "Any reference to employment, to the eternal lack of time can not justify, if the family eats semis.

6. A man, accordingly, it is necessary to help his wife with the housework, not pleading that and say it's not a man's job. After all, he is interested in the fact that his wife looked young, beautiful, and not reminiscent of frozen nag!

7. Love and trust should not take the form of tactlessness, arrogance. Each of the spouses may have their own space, where no invitation shall not be even a loved one! Absolutely unacceptable to monitor correspondence spouse, for example. This reflects not only the complete absence of self-esteem, but also about self-doubt.

8. The intimate side of life is very important. Do not be afraid to be uninhibited, fantasy, experiment! At the same time, if something seems to be one of the spouses is absolutely unacceptable, intolerable, by virtue of education or religious views, the other spouse should not insist on his own, even more so in categorical terms. Respect each other's feelings.

9. When planning the family budget, take reasonable frugality, but in no case should not take the form of petty avarice, greed. And even more so, it is inadmissible to control pocket expenses husband or wife. Little is able to kill love with such speed and fidelity!

10. And always, every minute, it should be remembered that love prove, first of all, by deeds, not words!

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