Why do girls dream of high handsome?

Why do girls dream of high handsome?
 Absolutely all the characters, exploits are described in the old legends and fairy tales are strong handsome, has a high growth, much greater than that of ordinary people. It is they who make the impossible, it is their love of the princess and so simple beauty. Stereotypes of male beauty have not changed in our time, one of the prerequisites in determining the appearance of men as beautiful - above-average growth.

Very often men of small stature are the owners of the so-called "Napoleon complex", pursuing them for many years. Most often, this complex can be observed in men who did not develop in line 160 centimeters. That their line they try to compensate for other accomplishments, achieving a truly great success in a variety of fields. Why do you think among politicians or people associated with the art of so many low men?

But why do girls look for growth, giving priority to high-handsome men? In women, first of all, says the instinct of procreation. Subconsciously, they try to choose the most powerful man like female in nature. For women tall men is a kind of signal, "I will be strong and healthy offspring, and I will be able to provide and protect my family." For women, the most important thing, so she subconsciously and tends to be close with such a man who is able to give her a prominent, beautiful and healthy children.

However, many women-lovers tall men can eventually expect disappointment. Indeed, scientists have repeatedly been shown that in the modern world growth no longer plays such a big deal as before. And tall men are not always so clearly healthy, and with other qualities (good husband, caring father, etc.) things they have is exactly the same as that of their less stalwart comrades. And also proved that the low men much better lovers: they are active, and endurance. A desire to realize themselves (remember the same "Napoleon complex") makes them much more successful in their careers and, therefore, in the financial support of their offspring are more envious. No wonder there is a saying "Small but perfectly formed."

In addition, high handsome spoiled female attention from our youth, so that they are not always the most faithful of husbands (although this depends, of course, not only from the exterior). Low same man to win a woman's heart shows its best features, showing the qualities that lovely lady did not expect to see in this "unattractive" from her perspective cavalry.

So, a little advice to girls: pay heed not only to the two-meter high handsome man, but men are not too much growth.

In today's world, men of stature gradually become a rarity: the environment and affected, and the spread of harmful habits. And stereotypes and instincts in women anywhere escape stubbornly unwilling, so sometimes happens just did competition for representatives of endangered species tall men. It is possible that evolution will change the views of men and women, they will be given due attention is not quite tall gentlemen!

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