Unbanal gifts for men

Unbanal gifts for men
 Men like to say that they do not need anything and they have everything. However, she understands that thus the stronger sex assert themselves and set themselves up for success - but in actual fact it is still something missing ... It is necessary to listen carefully to the man: surely in his speech will sound "keywords" about a gift ! If a man has got not very talkative, it is time to act, using proven methods.

The simplest method - buy something that is associated with male hobby. Helicopter with remote control, collectible cars, model weapons, backpack for fishing, art gallery ... However, nowadays most passion - the computer. But does not necessarily give a new monitor or something equally "global". Fit T-shirt with the symbol of your favorite games, the mouse and the original (eg, glass) mat, rubber keyboard that folds into a tube and amenable to wash ... Pay attention to gadgets such as, for example, warmer constantly standing near a computer cups.

By the way, thematic magazines (computer, photographic, hunting, sports, etc.) and the book is still considered to be good gifts. In addition, a subscription to the media can be issued on the internet.
Most men (even gamers and online forums) will be sincerely glad sporting show. They also realize that sometimes it is necessary to break away from the monitors and actively spend time outdoors - but that's no incentive. And then in a bicycle, roller skates, skis or something else like that!

And you can give ... thrills. Namely - concert tickets or a gift certificate for a parachute jump, a tour or a game of paintball - options for a memorable holiday set.

Also, you should look at the sushi set, hookahs, pipes (or expensive cigarette case) and original lighters, cooling holders and Wine Aerators, spectacular beer mug ... In an extreme case - a gift certificate - even if the man himself will choose a Present (but better of course, with you).
And do not forget the card (preferably handmade) with its own warm words written by hand! It is now such a rarity ...

But the worst (and banal, as they say, without a soul) gifts, according to opinion polls, are cosmetic kits for men - perfume, deodorant, shaving cream, shampoo ... Most men still prefer to buy their own money that they not only like, but currently needed.

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