Size does not matter?

Size does not matter?
 It is still unclear how to treat the famous dictum: "Size is not important. The main thing - the ability to use it. " Whether it really is an axiom, or an excuse for those who are not too with that same size of luck. But how should be the size that it was possible to determine the lucky or unlucky? And the lucky ones - a woman or a man? Like any other, this issue requires full consideration, as it has many aspects.

Opinions about what should be the size of the male reproductive organ, is very different. For example, it is estimated that the average length of the penis from the Europeans - 10-15 cm. Sometimes this figure reaches 20. But among the residents of the Arab countries can easily meet men with the size of 25-30 cm.

But the fact that vary not only the size of the penis, but also the depth of the female vagina. It is because of this variation sometimes occurs incompatibility. Too large men sometimes gives a woman is not a pleasure, and pain and internal discontinuities. In turn, too much of the vagina leads to the fact that neither man nor woman do not experience any pleasant sensations. This, incidentally, is often in women after childbirth, when the vaginal muscles relaxed and stretched.

In addition, the vast majority of women experience the greatest pleasure during sex is not so much on the movements of the male member, but on the stimulation of sensitive points. That is why the opinion that the main thing - the ability to use, it is often true. In this case, the main thing - to think not only about themselves but also about the partner. There are special ring-limiters for cases where a man's penis is too large and can bring a woman pain. The woman, in turn, can engage in training the muscles of the vagina. In addition, oral sex and affection has not been canceled.

When she meets a young man in order to make a relationship, it is unlikely that she would pay attention to the extent to which he has something in his pants bristling. Women appreciate men on the face of the figure, voice, clothes. Therefore, at the first sexual contact her can wait for a surprise, pleasant or unpleasant. However, in any case, things like size, should not become an obstacle to sincere and strong relationship.

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