Quarrel: stop, stop

Quarrel: stop, stop
 Situations in which you must be able to stop in time and stop the quarrel, in everyone's life there are so many. Very often conflicts arise in families between husband and wife, which is why a woman should be wise in time to stop a fight and that it did not turn into a conflict. Make it easy, if you know some of the features of male psychology and learn to control their emotions.

Women's wisdom consists in knowing how to reach out to my man, to reassure him, to make peace in the short term. Even if the quarrel turned out terrible, emotional and violent, to resolve it with the right approach and a quarter of an hour is enough. Stupid woman knows exactly at what point should give way to the man, and to show its inherent vulnerability, weakness, tenderness. We must be able to ask for forgiveness. And this is the main problem - people do not know how to ask for forgiveness, it's humiliating, frustrating, and in general, not for women. Although actually in any situation you can do without this process, if you know the nature of his men and to be able to properly use their knowledge, pacify the anger. Ultimately, intelligent woman will do so, that the man himself would ask for forgiveness. Although much easier and more correct to simply stop the quarrel and translate it into a joke.

Go to reconciliation with the mind and learn how to manage a quarrel - or stop it in the bud, or translate to a peaceful course. It's a woman's ability to manage a man so that he did not notice it, gently, gently, without letting him know that in fact, you - a good manipulator. As you know, a bad peace - much better than a good quarrel. Agree feud - occupation is very tedious. Stop it, you can, if you find that the best way, for example, it is not necessary to make the most important mistake - to deny a man of forgiveness, because no one will ask for forgiveness a hundred times. It often happens that in the heat of an argument can tell a woman superfluous - the emotional state in these moments out of control, and the words do not take back.

Stop the quarrel can only be calmed down, a cool head, using feminine wiles, with no need to make excuses, or on the contrary, stand confidently on your - neither one nor the other will not bring the desired result. You can remedy the situation by showing that your words - is nothing more than words, but in reality you really want to make peace. Importantly, remember - will not be worse. Cook something delicious, put something nice and treat eye favorite. The effect will not take long, especially men, as a rule, always more inclined towards reconciliation when they see the same desire in women.

Make a man forget carelessly spoken words or you do not give them too much importance of this can be, if you change their meaning. Pretend that everything was planned that way from the beginning, do not panic, stay confident. Add voice playfulness, be gentle, affectionate, and your man will melt, and forget about the quarrel that you give him time to tell a story. Avoid mutual insults, do not give quarrel develop into growing conflict, which may result in separation or multi-day silence. Be wiser, smarter, say to yourself, "stop", and you will not regret about his vision.

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