Phobia: a serious relationship

Phobia: a serious relationship
 Some people prefer to have a surface in an open relationship. In one case, it comes from the fact that man is nothing special just does not connect with a partner, others do not want to give up diversity. And the third simply fear serious relationship.
 Fear of serious relationship often occurs in humans, has survived experience where he had deep feelings, and his partner is not, or there was a break at the initiative of the partner. He does not want to be rejected again. As a result, the mind tries to defend himself, and appears set to "I do not want a serious relationship, they bring me nothing but harm and suffering." This is compounded by the fact that the gap is not on his own hurt feelings.

However, the reasons for such a phobia may be others. For example, people initially did not want to get attached to anyone because believes that loved ones are easy to lose. For example, in life could be a case of the death of a parent or relative, betrayal of a friend. The men (sometimes women) are often manifested fear of losing control, and when he realizes that he feels stronger feeling than he should, trying to drown them and pull away.

Fear of a serious relationship can be caused by unwillingness to change their usual way of life, to adapt to someone to become addicted. Someone can be very much attached to his parents and subconsciously afraid to offend them, the head of his own family. Or, on the contrary, the relationship in the parental home were cool, and the child got used to keep everything in yourself and keep your distance.

There are times when a person is not so much afraid of a serious relationship as such, as head of his passions. Partner can be too intrusive, "strangle" their attention, insist on marriage and permanent joint pastime. As a result, human triggered a defensive reaction, there is a feeling of loss of freedom and wanting to save it, it starts to move away and avoid your favorite / favorite.

There are many reasons that lead to the fear of a serious relationship. With some of them can help manage a good psychologist, but only if the person himself wants. Either person can realize these reasons and decide what he wants really.

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