Out of bed - together in life

Out of bed - together in life
 Sex and love - two things that go hand in hand. Sometimes, of course, sex without love and even love without sex, but in most cases, one without the other is still impossible. Most interesting is that in the modern world couples often begins with sex, and then realize that they love each other. Although the case is, of course, that such communication as nothing more nor ends. So how do you figure out just sex you have in common? or is it a great sense of light?

It used to be a man fall in love with women, and the only option for them was marriage. After all, only marrying the object of his adoration, it was possible to keep sex life. At this point everything went on as usual: first fell in love, then began to engage in sex. The modern world is very different. Now make love to a pair of young people is considered perfectly normal and is not forbidden by society and morality. It turns out that in the context of the original sympathies have a desire intimacy, and when it is implemented, warmth and satisfaction of physical contact may be interpreted as love.

Indeed, it often happens that they love each other, and then, after some time, the feelings are - like a dissolve. Is that the way might be? Maybe the point here is deceptively sexual intimacy. We all want love, warmth and affection, it is a natural human need. It turns out that to get it all in sex, we begin to think that you have found the right one with which we are well. Temporary blindness occurs. It often happens that young people can not even find common topics of conversation, but well do without it - because they feel good in bed, but it is important at this stage.

Women, by the way, in this situation easier than men. For them, sex is secondary in relation to the need of love. We first need to fall in love, and then there is a desire to engage in sex with a partner. Men feel the need for physical proximity, and only after it can feel love for your partner. As paradoxical as it may sound, man and woman, in spite of the different needs, still need the same thing - we all want love. That is why we should not rush to jump into bed, even if you really want. First of all, the man is a woman to an easily accessible quite differently from one who knows his own worth. And secondly, if you refrain for some time, it will be a great opportunity to test your true feelings. A man who does not want to wait until she is ready, hardly interested in her as a person, most likely, he needs just sex. Think you want to waste your time on a man?

No one, of course, does not call vow of abstinence and not have sex for a long time, despite the strong desire. It is, after all, just bad for your health. It is only about how to soberly assess the situation and learn to control their desire not to go at them on occasion. Sometimes it is worth to wait a bit to finally get something really important and worthwhile. And if you really love each other, such an expectation would only strengthen your feelings, make them stronger and brighter. You can make love as often as you want it and continue to enjoy close together, becoming more and more expensive each other every day. Believe me, you can jump out of bed in a happy family life, if you make it in time.

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