If your man - cheapskate

If your man - cheapskate
 At the beginning of a romantic relationship, most men eager to impress at his companion. For this they do not spare neither money nor power. Once the goal is achieved, some representatives of the stronger sex completely change their behavior. That is why it is so important at the initial stage to understand that your man miser.
 To win the heart of your favorite girl, many men are willing to do anything. They brag about their capabilities, demonstrate dignity, litter money, etc. Unfortunately, when a woman falls in love, her partner relaxes. Here and there is a danger that in fact your boyfriend would be a tightwad.

In most cases, even a very greedy man can love his girl with all my heart. The problem is that skuperdyaystve overrides all other pure feelings and emotions. Thus, it is not necessary to roll up his scandals and went into hysterics. To please you, your lover will come on your throat and give expensive bracelet, a gold ring or something else expensive. Only then did he permanently lose calm and sleep. Think about whether or not to take risks for the sake of a new fur coat happiness favorite.

Of course you can try to change the nature lover. However, it can be done only at a young age. The fact is that getting rid of skuperdyaystve man who has reached 35 years, is almost impossible. If you do decide on this, try to convey to the young man one simple truth: they need money to spend. Remind that in old age will not want or walk to restaurants or to exotic destinations. The most risky can deliver an ultimatum. In particular, suggest a man to reconsider their principles and beliefs, unless of course he wants to keep the relationship.

In dealing with greedy forget about the word "want". Instead it in your lexicon should see the word "must". For example, explain to your beloved, you just need to buy a new dress or another pair of shoes. The reasons for the urgency can bring their bad mood, which can only raise pleasant shopping.

If no exhortation, persuasion, persuasion does not help, it is necessary to make a very difficult choice: to accept and live with a miser or permanently leave your lover.

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