How to survive unrequited love

How to survive unrequited love
 Love - is the most beautiful, covered, joyful and inviting feeling that at the same time brings a lot of pain, anxiety and frustration. Especially if it is sincere feeling unrequited. And hope that time will heal wounded soul, not worth it.
 In love, something not easy to advise and recommend, because each situation is so individual that resembles a fingerprint, which can not be repeated in humans. What helped one forget about unrequited love, another plunge into depression even more. Feelings of a person likely to be affected so that it is in the next years will not be able to decide on the development of relations.

Perhaps some general guidelines below will help you in your situation.

Decide actions. Some people at heart know that they like depression and depressive state, so they do not want to do, to get out of it. If so, and in your case, then you need to wait. If a person did not want to help themselves, then everything else will be a waste of time and effort.

Do not hold back emotions. Just do not splash out of the object of your love. Enlist a friend or beloved mother. If there is a need, then you need to cry. When you want to talk about their everyday concerns, do not limit yourself, but make sure that this process is not stretched on for months and did not cause negative feelings.

Take a break. Ideal - get away for a while and a change of scenery. If it's not real, then walk away with his head in work or plan out every night of the week in order to avoid the time and effort thinking about unrequited love.

Get over what happened. No need to have any illusions that may still change. Remember that episode of your life and do not proceed from the incident, planning the future life. Draw conclusions, analyze errors and cross out what happened.

Befriend. Forget about your pain a lot easier if care about who is even more difficult. If you know this person, then do not refuse to support him, to justify themselves by saying that you also not very good. Did you realize that your situation is much easier.

Live more. Do not think that if one person did not appreciate your feelings, so will the other. No. Somewhere there is one meeting to which you want to wait, and it will not only appreciate your love, but also be able to respond to it in return.

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