How to make the acquaintance of

How to make the acquaintance of
 All women want to love and be loved, to dream of a relationship with a good and reliable man. But not every representative of the fairer sex is able to make the first step and at least get to know her a nice man. What to do? Accept and rely on their choice? No, better to take matters into their own hands by making it so that the man until recently thought that he manages relationships.
 Suschestvu.t different ways of dating. It all depends on your state of mind and courage in one time or another. For example, there is the so-called method of "seven seconds." It is often used in cafes or restaurants. The bottom line is that a woman by the potential "victim" male gaze catches and holds it for 7 seconds, mysteriously smiling while. Experienced seductress argue that operates smoothly. Café women also often in order to explore asking for a light. However, this effective and popular method can turn against you, suddenly, like a man does not perceive a girl with a cigarette as a suitable life partner?

A good way to explore the image of themselves misguided guest. It is often used on the street. "Do not tell me how to go ...? "Sorry, you do not know where the house №7? ". Such questions - a good excuse to become better acquainted. The key to this is clearly not a man to hint that you need it, rather than address the house and the street. Men love when the initiative comes from dating them, so give them the illusion. Do not forget to keep the conversation eye contact and do the occasional touch of his clothes. Can ask a man to take you to your desired home, because you yourself probably will for a long time to wander in the back streets of the city. Rest assured, if a man is not in a hurry, and you really like him, he is sure to fulfill your request.

Ask for tips for men can be in the store (mistakenly "accept" his sales assistant), library, bar and so on. D. Do not be afraid to ask for advice to men: they love it, immediately begin to feel important.

Meet a man can "accidentally" pushed him. Well, then, "Oh, I'm sorry. I do not know how this could happen. " Being at a large table, you can ask a man to give you interested dish, wine glass, wine and so on. D.

Think of familiarity as a game. Behave naturally, do not forget about the smile and body language. Piercing eyes, wink, smile, fidgeting in his chair, as amended hairstyles, stroking hands - all this signals that a woman gives a man to understand that she is interested in it. And almost all men at the level of intuition and subconscious catch them.

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