How to maintain their independence in the relationship

How to maintain their independence in the relationship
 Relationship with a man sometimes make you blend in with the elect, to become a part of it and completely lose their identity. Avoid this and maintain their independence is possible, is only strictly adhere to certain rules.
 Romance at its early stages will inevitably lead to the fact that the partners become one. First, it is good and pleasant, but eventually you need to find the strength to break away from her lover, or your alliance will collapse. Gain independence in the relationship can only strong personality who knows to aspire and what it's worth.

First of all, do not ask men help in everything. Of course, he is the very shoulder to lean on, but that does not mean that you have the right to hang on it for life. Do not be afraid to do something on their own, even if you do it the first time. So, it is not necessary each time to ask for help in moving the table, changing light bulbs or call an electrician. This does not mean that all the hard work needed to take over. Only need yourself to do what you can do.

Do not merge with a partner in a single unit. Separate your personality, learn to perceive themselves and separate from each other. Try to gradually shift from the usual "we" to "I".

Find their own interests. Get a hobby, start learning languages ​​or go get another higher education. No matter what you choose - most importantly, have their own goals, achieve them and move on to a new one. No matter what your man does not appreciate French cinema, because there is always a friend who will not mind to put on an elegant dress and go to the festival.

Try to periodically arrange short separation. Light breaks are especially important for those who have already started to live together. The face of a loved one, located near round the clock seven days a week, gradually begins to pall. Therefore, strive to go on business trips or traveling with friends or family, giving partner time to get bored, and again to make sure you have the way for him.

Do not give up the habitual lifestyle and favorite friends because of distrust to them your vote. This is independence in the relationship - in the active defense of their position. Compromise, for example, between rock concerts and opera. Each of you should have a private space, so do not be afraid to give the man a little more freedom than you would like it.

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