How to keep a man's attention

How to keep a man's attention
 If there are a lot of you think it is more likely a serious relationship. Therefore settle in the minds of men often means settling in his heart. Men are often busy people, they have to think about girls remains a bit of time, and it becomes important to keep their attention.
 Men still focused on appearance. In order to attract, retain their attention and stay in the mind must be close to anything to their ideal of beauty. It is good that a lot of ideals in different men. Another important factor is your self-confidence. If you love yourself, your gestures and expressions sight, bends of the figure, this love is felt - and you will probably attract a man, even if it does not fit the classic standard of appearance. The main thing - to convince him that you are beautiful. This will help you focus on the part of other men, so Organize attention. Can attract friends brothers and brothers girlfriends. The main thing - to create a trail of admirers. Once you have the demand, then the man will think of you and will think more often than before.

Your personal characteristics must be original and mysterious. There is one trick that allows you to convey to the desired information about the men you may have exaggerated and specially created to attract attention. This way - when the man comes near you, your phone is ringing and you have an ongoing conversation in which you show their best side. You can set the phone to sound an alarm, but it is better to negotiate with real girlfriend or friend who will just listen to your essentially monologues and answer anything. In your speech may be presented views on the relationship reflected the original hobbies or intriguing details.

For example, tell a friend, yesterday searched the market to find kosher meat because your teacher in Kabbalah allowed to eat only that. Did you come up with other interesting details, most importantly, a man will be with you bright Association, which combined with good looks, it will be intriguing. This means that he will think about you a lot. What we wanted to achieve.

Behave unusually, gives him a hand in greeting, farewell with an air kiss, apply during a conversation hand to his chest. He will notice your originality and will reflect on it, even if he can not clearly articulate what it is you in this unusual.

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