How to get rid of scandals

How to get rid of scandals
 As the great classics, all happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. How to imagine a happy family life? Peaceful, friendly atmosphere prevails in the relationship understanding and harmony. And one of the most striking manifestations of "unhappiness" can be considered a family scandals.
 Who is to blame?

When you begin to analyze the situation, do not try to throw the blame on someone one. Blaming the other - so take the position of the victim, the dependent person. Blame yourself too to anything, because it can develop into painful samoedstvo and self-flagellation. What to do?


Tell everyone that you are a time will not be able to talk. Communication can be carried out with the help of notes. If you openly provoke conflict, silently walk away. Community notes allows you to choose your words carefully, does not yield a spontaneous reaction. Before writing a rude word, think ten times, someone from this will be easier. As a rule, from the rudeness towards neighbors suffer all, and above all the one who got nasty.

I think, therefore ...

Gather your family and calmly discuss pressing issues. Pre-negotiate the rules of discussion: for example, each have three minutes to speak, can not raise the tone, from the accusations against another is also better to abstain. Talk about deeds, actions, emotions, but do not go to the individual. What's in your family provokes scandals? Inconsistency views? Permanent mess? All these problems are easily solved. Remember that you do not herd animals who defend "their territory", but sentient beings, endowed with the ability to think, choose and create. Even general cleaning, with creativity, you can turn into a celebration. Work ennobles and elevates man, gives him a true joy. Remember this when going out of habit to take time off from household chores.

It's time to unite

When passions have cooled, take the initiative in their hands and carried away by his family entertaining activity. Common Cause you will unite and strengthen your union. For example, you can place all together "Solo on the keyboard" - typing tutor combined with a psycho. Or gather together most beautiful mosaic, stick to the plywood sheet and hang it on the wall. It will remind you of your community a friendly family team. Go hiking - hiking, horseback or by canoe: it certainly unite you.

What if ...

You utterly exhausted family scandals and nothing helps? Insulate yourself from the source of constant stress. Try to live apart, remove the apartment. The first time is unusual, but then you adapt to independent living, and perhaps even start to miss home. Some time you can stay with a person you trust - for example, the best friend, of course, if this did not hesitate.

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