How to be always interesting man

How to be always interesting man
 For men and women are subject to scrutiny of psychologists around the world. And disappointing forecasts about the loss of the strong interest of the pair to his half of women are driving the rigid framework of behavior. In fact, it's not too difficult - just a couple of tricks, and your choice for many years are you interested.
 Creating a strong pair - it is difficult. But sustaining the interest within the union is much more difficult. For unknown reasons, the man loses interest in a woman quicker than him (apparently, evolution did not save him from the desire of polygamy).

Take care of yourself. Beautiful woman in the first place carefully watching him, and does not put a ton of cosmetics. Moisturize your skin, pamper yourself pleasant procedures, spend on trips to the salon. All this will make you attractive, which will affect the attitude towards you men. If you love yourself and your body, then he is sure to fall in love with them.

Do not be swayed by life. Old bathrobe, not graceful posture, chomping and picking your nose - unless you were in a beginning of a relationship? Urgently get rid of bad habits, always keep yourself in their hands. Your man deserves a nice woman who knows how to present yourself in any situation, even at home.

Do not waste your interests. It often happens that, over time, women are more domesticated - forget that it was interesting and more attacking men with claims. Think about your favorite hobby, get something new. You can enroll in language courses, sewing or cooking. The choice is huge, the main thing - desire. If the pair each has its own interests - it gives the division of space, which ultimately leads to not quenched mutual interests.

Spend time separately. Do not forget your old friends, warm get-togethers with her mother and went shopping with my sister. You do not have to sit next to each evening favorite - half of free time should be given to someone else.

Me. Over the years, the once favorite image can become boring, try to avoid this. Change your hairstyle, haircut or hair color. Try to find yourself in a different style of clothing. Or even change jobs on the scope of activities, which had long dreamed of.

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