How to ask a man for help

How to ask a man for help
 To the man complied with the request, you need to find the right approach to it. A wise woman will be able to convince not only her husband, but a colleague or friend to help her. We just need to understand how men perceive the request and what to say to the representative of the stronger sex had a desire to help the lady.
 Here's the situation, which was beaten more than once in advertising, jokes, etc .: husband reading the newspaper, drinking beer, watching TV or playing computer games and on the request of his wife to help wash dishes or cook dinner dissatisfied with shrugs and grunts. It's not just laziness or unwillingness to comply with the request, but also in how to take the words of his wife. Tired woman sees her husband's unwillingness to do something around the house, annoyed and yells at him any orders. Man and so is not eager to do something, and the tone of his wife annoys him twice, and he refuses. Just and colleagues: they can not only refuse to answer to a very simple request, but also complain to the authorities that the woman is trying to shift its work on their shoulders.

Remember two simple rules: First, do not need to demand, and secondly, should speak directly, without using hints. No need to give orders, just ask, could a man give you a fragile lady small favor. For example, priobnimite husband and say softly, "Honey, I'm so tired at work and hungry, and you probably want to eat. Can you help me cook dinner? Together we can handle faster and then sleep well. " Colleague, especially if it has positioned itself as a strong man, you can say, "I'm so confused, because the project got too complicated, and I did not understand at all the intricacies. Could you help me a little bit, because you have more experience in such matters. " Then right and briefly express your request without using hints, as men often either do not understand them or pretend they do not understand.

In no case do not reproach a man when asked about something. Needless to say, that he would never do at home is not doing so could even pick up a child from kindergarten. If your request is made - must thank, because it motivates for further assistance. If you hear in response to failure without scandals and do not insult a man, or in the future, and he does not want to do something for you.

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