Educational program for men: the types of women that should be avoided

Educational program for men: the types of women that should be avoided
 Every man is free in his choice of a life partner or a friend for one night, but there are types of women, which should be avoided at all times. The only exception is the case when a man happy with everything.

Let's look at the types of women who bring the most problems, both materially and morally.

Hysterical. She will always find what you did wrong. And that reason is likely to be less dramatic, but nature takes its toll. Such a woman would be "pesochit" for any reason and without it.

Crybaby. It will not give you a quiet life. All the while, as on a powder keg - just Zaden and starts: "You do not love me! "," You ruined my whole life. " And this endless crying ... It seems that another child. But if you are satisfied with a kindergarten, then go ahead!

Selfish. Are you ready to give everything for someone? Even if it's your time, your money, your life? These women never think about you and how you find it difficult to fulfill one or another of their whim. You are expected to only the finished result. A reward? Who said it would be? And what's more, she will always put you in an awkward position.

Whore. No comment. Doubt that you is "happiness" is necessary. As soon as you leave on business, to work, to friends - with whom it this time?

Mommy. Yes, she certainly knows how to cook, cross stitching, or else there something. It will not allow you to go home hungry or frumpy. And she can come to you at work and verify that you eat on time. Wipe your nose, ask not whether you need anything else. Feel kindergarten.

Kollektsionerka men. Of course, she is experienced in every sense. No..kakim you're twenty-first or eighty-six?

Stuck. Unlike her mom that she will seek a meeting with you on any occasion. It may not even be able to cook or to tie a tie. Its goal - to snatch as much as possible of your attention and time. And it does not matter what you think of it poorly or not at all think. She believes that deserved to play a huge role in your life.

All of the above create unbearable able to turn your life into hell. The main thing - time to recognize them and take appropriate action.

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