Attempt number 2: whether to return the former?

Attempt number 2: whether to return the former?
 In everyone's life there are situations where we do some things, which then bitterly regret. How many times, that he liked wallpaper paste over the room, you come off them, and then pasted new? The same thing happens at break relations. It remains to determine whether it is possible and necessary to do to remedy this situation?

Ambivalent feelings.

If the part of your former use of violence or aggression, it is possible that you are unlikely to regret parting. However, it happens that people just do not converge characters. Or circumstances are adverse. Or was too sudden parting of the outbreak of a sudden quarrel. If the cause of separation is impossible to formulate accurately or rupture occurred in a hurry, and you can start to doubt. The abrupt transition from a life with someone to loneliness naturally entail a feeling of sadness. Like any other loss, this situation is accompanied by some period of mourning, when you inevitably grieve. During the adaptation period, try to start not to look back, but if time passes, and separation for you and remains unbearable, and then should start to think about a second chance.

Remember the reason for separation.

Specify the reasons for separation. Trust your instincts. If the relationship seemed when something is too good, then they could be like that. In this case, think about it, and whether you want to change the situation?

Do not rush the time and do not think that the former at the first regret gave you on the neck. Picks reconciliation, if you are completely confident in it, you need it, and parting for both of you have been very difficult. If your ex has not yet been able to find another woman, it's time to tell him about your feelings and why you should start all over again. Maybe worth a try at first to stay just friends for a while. Or may occur, and so that your partner will be rejected on the move all your attempts at reconciliation. In any case, agree with his choice. If your ex has already met with another partner, it is better not to meddle in their relationship. Wish them all the best from the heart. Since he was able to find a new love, and you will manage it!

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