Why do men compliments

Why do men compliments
 Compliments men have a very strong impact. Of course, compliments of men are not the norm of ethics, but they are a very powerful tool in the hands of the fair sex.
 The principal value of praise - raising self-esteem. And it is not a diffident men: each person has in life events, when it needs to feel like "a horse." For example, before an important speech or pre-employment. Your compliments should not be shared which focus on the details, it is desirable in this case to affect a man's personality. For example, instead of "Great costume! "It would be better to say:" You are perfectly this costume! ".

With the help of a compliment can be expressed attitude towards people. Note the man that he had wonderful friends and acquaintances, give him know that you respect them and take. It essentially takes you in his eyes, because friends and acquaintances - not the last people to him.

With the help of praise can also give a man feel that his actions are appreciated. In this case, the most important thing - to make it clear that you appreciate and respect him, as well as understand what it is for you. Use phrases like, "You make me happy," "With you I feel safe," and so on.

Gift - a great way to manipulation. It is no accident the most successful method of education is not punishment, but a positive remark in case of success. Encouraging action taken in accordance with your wishes, you can easily adjust the behavior of men.

Most importantly - remember that the most weighty compliments for your partner are not those which relate to his appearance or behavior in general, and to his action. Noting them, you motivate each other to conquer new heights in your honor. Each praise for your young person should be well-deserved, otherwise it can get used to them.

Praise a man need sincere, with a slight admiration and slightly lowering his voice. If you are in the company of other people talking in hushed tones compliments. In no case do not say ironically, otherwise your word for it will be the opposite meaning.

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