Who does not want a man

Who does not want a man
 Men women are ambiguous. Some individuals they simply can not ignore, while others do not even look. There are women who are constantly changing male friends, but there are those who cherish the forest itself. Many ladies would like to know who and why men do not want to. Try to meet them (women) curiosity.

Overly aggressive women behave appropriately, not only in everyday life, but also in bed. Active partners of men love, but some women simply pass this line. She knows what she needs posture and constantly points to the man what to do. It does not take the initiative partner, criticizing his attempts to do anything on his own. The slightest disobedience - a scandal. And no need to explain why these women from men try to stay away.

Eternally tired person perceive an intimate relationship as another job or even punishment. They are sluggish, inactive, do not respond to men's affection. Chronically tired woman needs only one thing - that all this will be over soon, and could sleep an hour or two or take a bath. For these women, no matter how gentle and passionate their partner. So ladies often change their husbands.

Female commentator. Men themselves admit that women who do not fall silent even in bed, they just can tolerate me. It is one thing - kind words, but completely different - talk to some extraneous topics or detailed comments that accompany each activity partner. These women may have the same passion to discuss school grades children and a new pose. Although perhaps the matter is the lack of attention. For some women, sex is the only way to speak out, because at other times they just do not listen. Here, men should think.

Fan of purity. These ladies just concerned about hygiene. They can take a shower for an hour, then another hour to do hair removal, makeup and styling, and then another 10 minutes to change the linens. As a result, a woman can send her husband to take a shower again, or to cut toenails. Mania purity in a woman might outweigh any sexuality, because men do not really appreciate the ladies excessive love for purity.

Woman coward. This is another category of the fairer sex that men do not complain. These individuals are afraid of literally everything. First, they are afraid it will hurt, then comes the fear that they will hear the groans of relatives or neighbors' children behind a wall. Such fears in women coward whole lot of. These endless fears and nullify the "no" to all of the male desire. No wonder that from such women often escape husbands and partners just bed.

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