The secret to a long relationship - the ability to find a compromise

The secret to a long relationship - the ability to find a compromise
 You are in love and are confident that your choice - the best. And he is experiencing similar feelings to you. But time passes, and all the new favorite flaws appear in front of you. And along with them come a quarrel. What it means - it's time to leave? No, it's time to learn to compromise.  
 What do you think during the next quarrel? Certainly outraged the extent to which rights are not your man, and he has the nerve to admit it is not enough. Your favorite is thinking about the same thing about you. After all, he again wanted the best / did not want to hurt you / just decided to defend their views. And there was a dispute. For a start, remember: there is no conflict when wrong one. Conflict - a conflict of interests. So, both are guilty. A decision will be that will satisfy both - in fact, a compromise.

Realize it now and remember forever. You have to go to each other to make concessions and be able to hear each other. In regards his personal opinion has a right to exist - no doubt. But it should not be a personal opinion partner. As long as you both realize that compromise is necessary, so as not to destroy the relationship, your argument will be meaningless and cries.

How to learn to compromise? It's easy in theory, difficult in the heat of an argument. Suddenly remember about assignments and offer to resolve the matter peacefully sweet for a woman can be quite a feat. Therefore, it is better not to quarrel direct. Feel that conflict is brewing? Remember compromise.

Stay calm. After all, you are not one of those hysterical ladies, to the antics have long been accustomed to all the others? Remind yourself of this, and even better - imagine how your tantrums look the part.

Support your favorite position. Even if it seems to you completely wrong. Agree with it, of course, not worth it. But find the angle, the part that you are satisfied. And tell me about it. Your statement should sound easy, but it is clear - "Yes, I also think that to buy a white sports car - it's great and cool. It looks really great. Just a pity that in our city, we can not afford this. "

Do not make yourself VIPs. Do not claim that you had enough, you go and how you do it carried all the time. You just fell out even more. And after the candy-period buketnogo your man will not try to put you at ease, but only wait until you yourself come to life. Or just go away.

Remember that sometimes men do not understand the problem. Yes, he can not guess what you need now. Therefore speak directly about their needs and desires. And do not be offended by "Sam had to realize that I was hurt."

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