The famous book about sex

The famous book about sex
 In today's world we are surrounded by many temptations, one of them is sex. This desire caused many creative impulses of many authors who created a book on this topic. This article will present the most famous of them.

In the world there are many works that describe the intimate relationship between a man and a woman. Many of them have received the mass distribution, the popularity and acceptance in society.

 The most famous book about sex has always been and is the "Kama Sutra", the author - Vatsyayana Mallanaga. It is the most famous book in the world that talks about the art of sex, despite the fact that was written in the 3rd century BC. This book is not only a collection of sexual positions, it reveals the relationship between man and woman. Of course some of the tips are outdated, but still some arguments of the author about love, sex and relationships, and sow the day is very relevant.

 In second place is no less famous work of the Marquis de Sade, entitled "Philosophy in the Bedroom." In this work the author presents his "immoral" views on sex, on the relationship between a man and a woman, religion and morality.

 Next work written by Dominic Ori called "Story of O", is a classic of erotic literature. The narrative is from the girl's face, which gives the lover "on education" to the castle, where all live under strict rules sadomasochistic relationship. This book was filmed.

 No less famous all over the world, as well as to film is a series of novels by the author Emmanuelle Arsan called "Emmanuel." The main character of the novel is not ashamed of his desires and be happy to implement them.

 And the fifth book, titled "Venus in Furs" written by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. In a book published in 1870 by the Austrian writer, were first described by men enjoying humiliation by the woman he loved. This work has caused outrage in the community, and was the basis for a new sexual direction - "masochism" (by author).

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