Patterns of behavior that lead to a break

Patterns of behavior that lead to a break
 Every relationship is periodically tested for strength - between loving people misunderstandings, omissions and misunderstandings. The cause of such quarrels is wrong behavior that provokes conflicts and subsequent separation.

Jealousy and suspicion contribute to the loss of trust between two people. Constant questioning, carping and requirements to account for their actions during the day gradually create tensions lead to unreasonable reproaches and scandals. Withstand the moral pressure very hard - from relationships, people want to count on the support and trust, and as a result sometimes get suspicions and accusations. Ability to respect another person's interests and point of view, along with mutual trust form the basis of a strong relationship.

Suspicion and accusations of wrongful deeds usually follow hysterics and scandals. Clarify the relationship usually occur noisy and in a raised voice - regular scandals break the atmosphere at home and contribute to cooling between a man and a woman. Some women tend to arrange a tantrum because everyday household trifles - nothing is so cool man, and does not drive home, as scandals from scratch. A wise woman should learn not to pay attention to the little things and not let their own complexes, self-esteem and habits destroy relationships.

Steady idiom "Do not wash dirty linen in public" is actually exactly characterizes precondition for successful relationships. Flaunt relationship problems and complain about your partner - one of the destructive behaviors. Before seeking support and possible solutions to personal problems aside, discuss the situation with your partner - so you act honestly and constructively.

Men do not tolerate comparisons, and lovers to draw analogies often change partners. Every man is different and wants to be his woman only, and constant comparison of its qualities, habits, character with the same gentlemen contributes to the accumulation of grievances that can trigger separation.

Life without conflict is impossible - an ideal relationship can not be built without resentment and forgiveness. Learn to forgive so that the memory remained negative, which will be daily or occasionally overshadow your relationship very seriously. Especially, if the offense caused a loved one. But if you master this art, or at least try to, then get a new color relationships, feelings and enrich people become closer.

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